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Planning a Paint Party

Reserving a Paint Party requires a minimum of 10 painters. If your group is less than 10 that is OK, but the cost is based at a minimum of 10 people.


All Paint Party Events TM ​Include:

  • A pre-selected painting

  • 1-2 hours of step-by-step artist instruction

  • Canvas, brushes, paint, an easel, and everything else you need to complete your masterpiece!


Paint Party Pricing

Pricing includes all supplies, set up, clean up, and instruction.


There is a flat rate of 1200 nis, which is based at a minimum of 10 people, children & adults. The maximum number of participants for any event is 50.

  • 10 people or less: 120nis/person

  • 11-15 people: 110nis/person

  • 16-20 people: 100nis/person

  • 21-35 people: 95nis/person

  • 36-40 people: 85nis/person

  • 41-50 people: 80nis/person


**Depending on the location, there may be a travel fee

***Prices may vary


  • Payment and Cancellation Policy: In order to book your party, we require a check deposit. This check will not be cashed and will be returned to you on the day of the party. In the event of a cancellation without rescheduling, the check is non-refundable. We also accept deposits via paypal.


Looking Forward to Celebrating With You!

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