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T. B.


"Nina runs a successful business where she does team building Paint Parties. Big companies including high tech, corporate and even non profit organizations have hired her to help staff bond and create art together and individually . Recently she's been featured in big business magazines and interviewed by the Jerusalem Post, which will be published in March.Who knew that a simple yet thoughtful reward like this might be the exact and affordable way to create a bonding experience for your staff (or clients) ... resulting in increased teamwork, creativity, and motivation."



"We decided to try something new this year for our office party and booked Nina for a painting party. Some employees were excited and some were hesitant but in the end I believe everyone really enjoyed! Nina does a great job at leading the group in a fun and dynamic atmosphere with easy step by step instructions allowing everyone to become an artist!. I am so happy we booked the event with Nina and know we will have a smile on our faces every time we take a look at our paintings!"

K. W

Ramat Bet Shemesh

"My 3 boys and I did a Mother/Son painting party class and it was AMAZING!! Thanks again Nina! We are fans!"



"This reminds me of what you’re doing by teaching others they can paint “True Leaders Don’t Create Followers, they Create More Leaders!"



"When I came to this Painting Party I felt scared. I was worried that I couldn’t do the painting or that it would like bad. Nina taught us slow and fun instructions. I walked away so happy and in disbelief that I painted this on my own!"

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