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Planning Your Paint Party:

  • We bring the Paint Party to you or you come to us!

  • Parties can be planned for any day or night of the week!

  • Reserving a “Paint Party" requires a minimum of 10 painters (for adult events) or 10 (for kid's events). If your group is less than 10 that is OK, but the cost is based at a minimum of 10 people.

  • Ask about our special pricing for couple’s evenings, which have no required minimum!

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Paint Party Events Include:

  • A pre-selected painting

  • 1-2 hours of step-by-step artist instruction

  • Canvas, brushes, paint and everything you need to complete your masterpiece!

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Paint Party Pricing:

  • Paint Party prices start at 1200nis for 10 people or less.

  • Contact us for a full list of our prices.


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